Good News, Everyone!

In the last months I published some plugins for Active Admin, the administration framework for Ruby on Rails applications.

Activeadmin Simple Form

To use Simple Form in place of Formtastic in edit views (BETA):

Activeadmin Active Resource

To use a REST API in place of a local database as data source using Active Resource (BETA):

Activeadmin JFU Upload

To use jQuery-File-Upload for file uploads in forms (AJAX uploads, chunked file uploads for large files):

Activeadmin Trumbowyg

To use Trumbowyg Editor for HTML content fields:

Activeadmin Quill Editor

To use Quill Rich Text Editor for HTML content fields:

Activeadmin Froala Editor

To use Froala Editor for HTML content fields (jQuery required):

Activeadmin Select Many

To improve one-to-many / many-to-many / many-to-one associations selection (2 new inputs: select_many and select_one) (jQuery required):

Activeadmin Dynamic Fields

To add dynamic behaviors to fields (conditional checks / trigger actions / inline editing / content dialogs):

Activeadmin Medium Editor

To use Medium Editor for HTML content fields:

Activeadmin Selectize

To use Selectize.js (jQuery required) for select inputs:

Activeadmin Blaze Theme

A compact and clean theme using Blaze CSS: